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Written by yehudahben   
Sunday, 18 November 2012 10:25

The Israeli war against Gaza surprises not by the fact that it is taking place, but rather by how suddenly it is taking place. A truce was in place and an agreement on mechanism to consolidate it seemed at hand when suddenly a well-planned war ended the truce. Unless of course Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was anxious to provoke Hamas into giving him an excuse to prove to the Israeli electorate how tough he can be in the protection of Israeli citizens. He stands practically unchallenged in the forthcoming Israeli elections. Netanyahu seems to have chosen the best possible time for his new war: Washington is preoccupied with the sex scandals involving two of its top military generals; Obama is out of the country and there is no risk of him being against the planned Israeli assault. The timing is also right with regard to the forthcoming Israeli elections. A quick war that demonstrates Israel’s military might; the efficacy of the anti-missile defence battery (of which Iran would assuredly take notice.) is theoretically useful.


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